Masters and Mould-making for Lost-Wax Production

Some customers provide their own moulds for us to use, others provide a master and leave the mould-making to us. When making a master for lost wax metal production, it pays to bear the following in mind:

  • To prevent the mould rubber penetrating the master, ensure full adhesion between layers of material and components
  • Do not use absorbent materials such as wood, cloth, paper or cardboard
  • Make your master solid to avoid it collapsing under the vacuum that is used to make the mould bubble-free

To discuss mastering or mould making requirements, please contact us.

Addition cure silicone moulds are what we normally recommend for metal casting.


  • Dimensionally stable with little or no shrinkage
  • Very good reproduction of fine detail
  • Cheaper than vulcanised rubber
  • Masters can be made from plastic or resin, be 3D-printed etc.


  • Slightly shorter lifespan than vulcanised rubber

Vulcanised rubber moulds can also be used.


  • Very long lifespan
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Very good reproduction of fine detail


  • More expensive
  • Masters must be completely solid and made from hard metal